Introducing the new SeaSucker Video Promotion SeaSucker Video Promotion Our parent company has released a new promotional video featuring the following SeaSucker products: Bike Racks; Surf Board Racks; Marine Accessories; and  iPad / iPhone Mounts. The SeaSucker video promotion also features the recently released SeaSucker “Black Edition” Vacuum Cup Mount and upgraded rear wheel strap. We will issue

Talon Bike Rack - Lamborghini

The key features of the SeaSucker range of Bike Racks The SeaSucker range of Bike Racks are a revolutionary product on the market. The design and key features are very unique. The bike rack features include the following:: Incredibly easy to install – You can attached your bike to your vehicle in seconds; No tools required – Gone are

SeaSucker White iPad Galaxy Mount in study

We have a range of mounting solutions that will secure your favorite gadget to any smooth flat surface. The SeaSucker range of Electronic Mounts take a few seconds to install and without drilling a single hole. These days there is a plethora of gizmo’s and gadgets in our lives. Whilst they all  serve a great purpose one aspect is often overlooked.

One of our earliest customers asked us this simple question. “Why use SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts?” The question seems simple enough! Well, apart from their enormous strength, ability to hold vacuum for many days and the built in low vacuum warning, quite simply it’s the flexibility of being able to mount almost anything to a smooth flat surface. This initially may not be a big

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SeaSuckers are Vacuum Cup Mounts, not suction cups. There’s a big difference between the two. Our vacuum cups have enormous holding power and will stay attached to a smooth flat surface for days at a time. The 114mm (4 1/2″) SeaSucker is rated to hold over 45Kg’s (100lbs) !  If you think that’s strong, our 152mm (6″) SeaSucker will hold over 90Kg’s