The SeaSucker Medium Bait Table Vertical Mount

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The SeaSucker Medium Bait Table with “L” Bracket has two key differences. The “L” Bracket switches the Bait Table from a Horizontal to a Vertical Mount. You attach the bait board along the vertical side of your gunwales instead of on top. This allows the bait board to sit squarely on top of the gunwales making it incredibly sturdy. The SeaSucker Medium Bait Table with “L” Bracket also uses a 152 mm Vacuum Mount.

SeaSucker Medium Bait Board Vertical Mount

Medium Bait Board Vertical Mount – 559mm x 305 mm internal dimensions

Made from 13 mm white starboard the SeaSucker Medium Bait Board is a solid working platform. The working surface area is about 559 mm x 305 mm. The Bait Board tray hangs over your transom and is incredibly sturdy. The open corners allow you to quickly dispose of fishing remains without detaching the table. Each open corner has a knife slot ensuring your bait and filleting knives are close by. The sides have built-in handles and mounting feet. This makes the bait board easy to handle and exceptionally sturdy.

You will find various mounting positions in the cockpit area. Cleaning the bait board is very easy. Just lift the vacuum mount tab to release the vacuum then give it a quick wash overboard. Its size makes it easy to store in the cabin of your boat. Best of all you don’t have to drill holes or mount rod holders.

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