The SeaSucker RAM Smartphone Holder

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SeaSucker RAM Smartphone Mount

SeaSucker RAM Smartphone Mount

Introducing the SeaSucker RAM Smartphone Holder. Utilising the RAM universal smartphone cradle with a spring-loaded clamp to keep your smartphone secure. The cradle enables you to secure your smartphone with the skins, bumpers or covers attached. The RAM arm connects the cradle to the SeaSucker Vacuum Holder. You can adjust your Smartphone where you want it then lock it into place.

The SeaSucker RAM Smartphone Holder is compatible with the following phones:

  • Apple iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7
  • Blackberry Bold & Storm 2;
  • HTC Droid Incredible;
  • Evo 4G & G2;
  • Motorola Droid Pro;
  • Droid 2 & Droid X Nokia N8, N900 & X6;
  • Samsung Galaxy S & Wave; and
  • Windows Phone 7

Basically, the SeaSucker RAM Smartphone Holder will support any smartphone within this range

  • Height range: 121 mm to 159 mm; and
  • Width range: 58 mm to 83 mm.

That makes the cradle highly versatile. With such a broad height and width range it will accommodate your phone of today and of tomorrow. Chances are when next you upgrade the SeaSucker RAM Smartphone Holder will accommodate your new smartphone as well.

Don’t forget the most important part; the SeaSucker 114 mm Vacuum Mount. With up to 45 kg of holding power your smartphone will always stay where you intended it.

This is a great solution if you are looking for a multi-purpose Smartphone Holder. This is perfectly suited to your car, home / office and your boat. Just find a reasonably smooth surface, moisten the vacuum cup, give it a few pumps and you are good to go.

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