SeaSucker White iPad Galaxy Mount in study

The benefits of our Electronic Mounts

We have a range of mounting solutions that will secure your favorite gadget to any smooth flat surface. The SeaSucker range of Electronic Mounts take a few seconds to install and without drilling a single hole.

These days there is a plethora of gizmo’s and gadgets in our lives. Whilst they all  serve a great purpose one aspect is often overlooked. That is…..“How the heck am I going to mount this thing?” Whilst not all gadgets require mounting the ones that do often come supplied with mounting solution that quite frankly are too restrictive.

The SeaSucker range of Electronic Mounts will suit a host of applications including:

  • Marine Electronics (i.e. GPS and Fish Finders including Transducers);
  • Automotive (i.e. Sat. Nav., iPhone / Smartphone, iPad / Tablet PC’s, Cameras, Video Cameras ); and
  • Household Applications. (i.e. iPhone / Smartphone, iPad / Tablet PC’s, Cameras, Video Cameras etc..)

So what is the main benefit?

Our mounting solutions work in all three environments. As an example you have chosen to buy the SeaSucker iPad / Galaxy Mount. The same mounting solution is used to secure your iPad / Tablet PC in your car, your boat and around the house. For more information please watch the  SeaSucker iPad / Galaxy Mount Demonstration Video below.

This makes the SeaSucker range of Electronic Mounts incredibly versatile, not to mention cost-effective.

We often receive requests for help from our customers in identifying the best solution for the device they wish to secure. If you are not quite sure the best solution for you, please contact the team at SeaSucker Australia and New Zealand on 0418 507 449

We are more than happy to help you find the best solution and will back every recommendation with a “No Questions Asked – Money Back Guarantee”. If the solution we recommend does not function as discussed we will refund your purchase, no questions asked!

Like our motto says!