2018 – New Products and the Big Move

Firstly, we would like to thank our loyal customers for their continued support of our business. It has enabled us to exceed our growth expectations. Furthermore, it enabled us to better understand what support services customers expect. The demand for free product demonstrations continues to increase. As a result, we now offer free product demonstrations for most products we have in stock. Our focus this year is on new products and the big move.

New Products

Through engaging our customers we often uncover issues they are trying to solve. This has lead to the development of “Custom” products. Subsequently, we searched the market for products that integrate well with SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts.

As a result, we have our parent company, Gear Campus Pty. Ltd. established authorised reseller agreements with RAM Mounts and distributorship agreements with Hurricane Components. As a result, we introduced several new products and prototypes this year. This includes the “Off-Road & Marine Tablet Mounts” and the “VHF/UHF Antenna Mounts”. Below are the list of product and prototypes.

  1. Off-Road & Marine Tablet Mount
  2. Off-Road & Marine Tablet Cradle Mount
  3. VHF/UHF Antenna Roof Mount
  4. VHF/UHF Antenna Window Mount

The Big Move

After almost 3 years in our current premises in Cheltenham, we have outgrown the facility. Therefore the search is on in earnest for a new facility. We have a short list of requirements and commenced actively searching. At the top of the list will be a dedicated “Drive In/Drive Out” indoor customer facility. This will allow our customers to bring their cars, boats and caravans, park them inside the warehouse so we can provide free product demonstrations. The new premises will also have a dedicated showroom displaying our popular products for customers to take a closer look. Once we have secured the new premises we will release a formal announcement.