SeaSucker Board Rack on VW Transporter

VW Transporter Surfboard Rack – The SeaSucker Board Rack Andy had a specific set of requirements when shopping for a VW Transporter Surfboard Rack to transport his surfboards. He wanted a solution that wasn’t permanent and was easy to install and remove. Furthermore, he wanted to transport his surfboards mounted vertically down the side of

Custom Tablet Cradle Mount

Custom Tablet Cradle Mount For Toyota Hilux Frank was looking for a custom tablet cradle mount for Toyota Hilux. He wanted to locate his tablet over the front of the center-infotainment screen in his Toyota Hilux. In effect, the Tablet would be suspended in mid-air. The tablet is being used primarily for navigation. Furthermore, he

Rail Mounted Boat Smartphone Mount  Using your Smartphone out on the water has many benefits. Therefore having a Rail Mounted Boat Smartphone Mount that keeps your smartphone secure yet is easy to use is critical. The RAM Quick-Grip Smartphone Mount – Extreme Edition is ideal for most circumstances however it requires adequate space for the

Porsche Cayenne Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Bomber Glenn was searching for a Porsche Cayenne Bike Rack when he discovered SeaSucker Bike Racks. Having recently purchased a Porsche Cayenne he was keen to avoid installing a permanent bike rack. He also wanted a bike rack that’s easy to install and remove. As a result, Glenn

Mini R58 Roof Rack – The SeaSucker Board Rack William was looking for a Mini R58 Coupe roof rack to transport his surfboards.  He had found few options given the Mini R58 has no roof rails and has a sharp roof curvature. He contacted us with his requirements and we recommended the SeaSucker Board Rack.

Hyundai i30 Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Mini Bomber Scott is a keen road cyclist looking for a Hyundai i30 Bike Rack. Furthermore, his Hyundai i30 has a full panoramic roof which limits his options. Scott also needed to transport up to 2 road bikes. After researching online he contacted us to see if we

BMW M3 Convertible Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Talon Ian was in the market for a BMW M3 Convertible Bike Rack. After some research, Ian discovered SeaSucker Bike Racks.  Upon checking out our library of customer’s cars on our blog Ian contacted us to discuss his options. As the BMW M3 Convertible has an all-metal

The SeaSucker Horizontal Rod Holder The SeaSucker Horizontal Rod Holder is a very popular rod holder. What makes this rod holder so popular? Why does it look so strange compared to most rod holders in the market? In this post, we take a closer look at the SeaSucker Horizontal Rod Holder and examine its benefits.

Toyota 86 Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Talon Caroline contacted us looking for a Toyota 86 bike rack for a single road bike with a quick-release front wheel. The Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ is a car we have featured previously with Jonathan’s Toyota 86 with the SeaSucker Mini Bomber and the custom Mini Bomber Bike Rack

SeaSucker Roof Rack on Lexus LC500

Looking for a Lexus LC500 Roof Rack? Check out our customer’s car with the SeaSucker Monkey Bars. Our customer installed a roof box to help with transporting his favourite gear. Lexus LC500 Roof Rack – The SeaSucker Monkey Bars We previously covered Aaron’s cycling needs in our Lexus LC500 Bike Rack article. After completing numerous

Garmin GPS mounted on top of the handlebars of a Harley Davidson

Motorbike GPS Windshield Mount Occasionally we get presented with a unique challenge. Our customer Andrew contacted us looking for a way to improve the existing GPS Mount on his Harley Davidson. Having recently purchased his new bike Andrew rode from NSW to Adelaide. This journey allowed him to test out his new bike and its

Close up of the removable roof rack on Caravan with surfboard installed

Caravan Roof Rack – The SeaSucker Board Rack SeaSucker Roof Racks have solved many issues with cars that are not suitable for use with traditional bolt-on roof racks. Having said this, solving similar issues with Caravan storage and transport does not come along very often. Mark contacted us with a simple request, can we come

SeaSucker Mini Bomber mounted on a Lexus LC500

Lexus LC500 Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Mini Bomber Introduction Aaron is a keen road and off-road cyclist who recently purchased a Lexus LC500. Looking to improve the vehicle’s practicality Aaron searched the internet for a Lexus LC500 Bike Rack. This search led Aaron to SeaSucker and in particular, the SeaSucker Mini Bomber 2-Bike Rack.

SeaSucker Talon 1-Bike Rack attached to the panoramic roof of a Ford Everest

Ford Everest Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Talon Background Mark is a keen road cyclist and mountain biker who also loves his cars. With several cars in the garage, Mark was looking for a bike rack that would work on all his cars. Having said this, Mark’s priority was a Ford Everest Bike Rack. After

Nissan-350z Bike Rack with a SeaSucker Mini Bomber

Nissan 350Z Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Mini Bomber Background Ronin is a keen mountain bike enthusiast who also loves his Nissan 350Z. His mountain bikes have through-axle front wheels. Ronin wanted a Nissan 350Z Bike Rack that could transport bikes with 15 mm x 110 mm Boost front wheels. He came across SeaSucker Bike

Porsche GT3 with SeaSucker Talon 1-Bike Rack

Porsche GT3 Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Talon A few weeks ago, Adrian sent us photos via Facebook of his Porsche GT3 Bike Rack using a SeaSucker Talon 1-Bike Rack. Adrian purchased his bike rack through our eBay store 5 months ago. This is not the first Porsche GT3 we have featured on our blog,

SeaSucker Monkey Bars roof rack system installed on a Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Roof Rack – The SeaSucker Monkey Bars Steve was looking for a Ford Mustang Roof Rack capable of transporting kayaks, surfboards and stand up paddle boards. He also wanted the option to transport several bikes. Therefore, after researching various options, including our roof racks blog page Steve contacted us and arranged for a

Audi S3 with a SeaSucker Talon mounted on the roof

Audi S3 Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Talon Michael has been riding for almost 10 years now, initially as a triathlete but is now focused on road racing. As a result, Michael attends weekly A grade criterium and open races, sometimes travelling several hundred kilometres. Some 4 years ago Michael was searching for an Audi

Audi TT Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Mini Bomber Karl is a keen road cyclist who also enjoys mountain bike riding. Having recently changed cars he was looking for an Audi TT Bike Rack. He needed the ability to transport two bikes locally and interstate. Having researched various bike carriers Karl contacted us to discuss

Jaguar XE Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Talon Michael is an amateur road cyclist who recently took up mountain bike riding. He was searching for a Jaguar XE Bike Rack when he came across the SeaSucker Talon 1-Bike Rack. Michael contacted us to discuss the suitability of a SeaSucker Talon as a Jaguar XE bike