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SeaSucker Roof Racks

Tesla Model S Surfboard Rack - The SeaSucker Board Rack

SeaSucker Board Rack

The highly versatile roof rack that suits just about every car. It can carry just about anything including Stand Up Paddle Boards, Kayaks or sheets of timber. Installation takes less than 2 minutes and removal takes seconds. No more having to put up with an ugly set of roof racks because they are a pain in the but to install and remove.

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Mini Paceman Roof Rack - The SeaSucker Monkey Bars

SeaSucker Monkey Bars

The Seasucker Roof Racks have the following benefits

  • They are vehicle agnostic – Buy one roof rack and keep it for life. No more changing roof racks when changing cars. Use the same roof rack on your car, your partner’s car or even a rental car.
  • Reduced fuel consumption – They take less than 2 minutes to instal and seconds to remove. Compared to a permanent roof rack they will save you at least $400 p.a. on your fuel bill.