SeaSucker Rod Holders

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The SeaSucker range of rod holders is extensive. We have a rod holder to suit just about every need. Our rod holders convert almost any vertical or horizontal surface a rod holder. Below is a brief overview of the various rod holder solutions we have to offer:

  • Heavy Duty Trolling Unit

    Heavy Duty Trolling Unit

    Single Rod Holder – Made from polished aluminium and fitted with either one or two Vacuum Mounts. They are super heavy-duty and will handle big game reels for trolling baits/lures. You can use the rod holder to add a centreline to your trolling spread.





  • SeaSucker 6-Rod Holder

    SeaSucker 6-Rod Holder

    1, 3, 4 or 6 Rod Holders – The design utilises an aluminium track and PVC Rod Holders. It is very flexible, you can easily shift the location of each rod holder on the track by depressing the lever. You can add or remove rod holders in seconds.


  • Horizontal Rod Holders

    Horizontal Rod Holders

    Horizontal Rod Holder – The rod holder consists of two clamping devices, each with a vacuum mount. One clamp secures your rods from the butt, with the second clamp securing your rods from the tips. The rod holders can also be used to store Gaff Poles and Nets. The Horizontal Rod Holder is ideal for storing rods along your gunwales.




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