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“What a great product! I wonder if I can use it to do this?”

SeaSucker White iPad Galaxy Mount in study

Turn an iPad into a mini desktop computer using the SeaSucker iPad / Galaxy Mount.

We often receive the above feedback. At SeaSucker Down Under, we pride ourselves on providing a level of customer service that sets us apart from other online retailers.

We love working closely with our customers to bring their ideas to life. We also hope by sharing our Customer ideas it will inspire new ideas for using our products. This section will showcase our customer ideas that we have helped turn into reality.

So, what is the process used to bringing these ideas to life?

GPS & Fish Finder secured with Vacuum Mounts

Customer Ideas – Mounting your boat electronics without drilling a hole

Our approach is very simple. We work with our customers to make sure their idea is clearly defined. Where possible we will create a prototype to confirm its feasibility. Once we are confident we have a solution that meets our customer’s needs we back it up with our “30 Day Money Back Guarantee.”  This enables our customers to move forward and buy the product. If it doesn’t work as intended they can return the product for a full refund on the item cost, no questions asked!!!

SeaSucker 2 Cup Holder with DrinX Insert and Small Dry Box

SeaSucker 2 Cup Holder fitted with a DrinX Insert and Small Dry Box

Please Note: Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee has two simple conditions. They are:

  1. The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee applies to the cost of the goods only. It does not include any postage/shipping costs; and
  2. We also ask our customers to return the product in the same condition they received it. Therefore any product will incur a Restocking fee to return the product to sellable condition.
SeaSucker Temporary Speaker Mount with speaker mounted to the wall

SeaSucker Temporary Speaker Mount with speaker mounted to the wall

I am happy to report that we have not had to charge a Restocking fee to date. This is mainly due to the ruggedness of the product and the common sense on behalf of our customers.

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