SeaSucker Marine Products

Marine Products

The SeaSucker Range of Marine Products

All of our products use SeaSucker vacuum mounts to attach to your boat. Our online store has the following Marine Product Categories:

  1. Rod Holders;
  2. Cup Holders;
  3. Storage Solutions;
  4. GPS & Fish Finder Mounts;
  5. Tablet and Smartphone Mounts;
  6. Dive Tank Racks
  7. Bait Boards; and
  8. Accessories.

SeaSucker Cup Holders

2 Cup Holder Angle Mount
2 Cup Holder Angle Mount

Our Cup Holders can attach to a horizontal or vertical surface or anything else in between. Each cup insert is removable allowing you to fit other accessories, for example, a Small Dry Box for extra storage.

SeaSucker Rod Holders

We have rod holders designed for extra storage. We also have rod holders that are strong enough to be used as a trolling rod holder.

SeaSucker 4 Rod Holder with two 152 mm Vacuum Mounts
SeaSucker 4 Rod Holder with two 152 mm Vacuum Mounts
SeaSucker Aluminium Rod Holder
Rod Holder for light to medium trolling
Heavy Duty Trolling Unit
Heavy Duty Trolling Unit









SeaSucker Bait Boards

SeaSucker Medium Bait Board Vertical Mount
SeaSucker Medium Bait Board Vertical Mount

Our Bait Boards also attach to any horizontal or vertical surface. We have three different sizes available. At present we are developing a new range of Bait Boards. We hope to have them available in the next 4-6 weeks. Please keep in contact with our blog for regular updates.

We also have an innovative range of storage solutions. Our solutions provide extra storage for personal belongings (i.e. keys, wallet, Smartphone etc..) as well as most marine accessories. We also have solutions for storing Gaff Poles and Nets through to storing and deploying boat fenders.

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