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Transporting your bike has always been a challenge. Unless you own a van you have to find a way to mount your bike on your vehicle.

Traditionally bike racks came in two configurations; the roof-mounted bike rack or the tow-ball bike rack. Both bike racks are complex and have their drawbacks. The roof mounted bike rack is vehicle specific. This means each time you change vehicles you will more than likely have to buy a new bike rack. Most tow-ball mounted bike racks are restrictive. The biggest restriction being you can’t open the rear door when the mounted bike rack is full of bicycles.

It is time to completely re-think the design, form and function of the humble bike rack.

Introducing SeaSucker Bike Racks

As is evident from the photo gallery the same bike rack works with almost any car. As a result, you won’t have to purchase another bike rack when changing cars. Just keep your SeaSucker Bike Rack.

Jaguar F-Type Bike Rack - The SeaSucker Talon

Jaguar F-Type Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Talon

SeaSucker has many Bike Racks in its range. Below is a brief overview of our popular bike racks:

  1. Falcon – For Utes & Crew Cabs only. Single Bike Rack designed to attached to the rear glass of a Crew Cab type vehicles;
  2. Talon – Our most popular Single Bike Rack. Designed to work with sedans, station wagons, sports cars, most 4WD’s and SUV’s, just about any type of vehicle;
  3. Mini-Bomber – The SeaSucker 2-Bike Rack. Design to work with most vehicles. This bike rack is highly configurable and can carry up to three fork mounts.
  4. Bomber – The SeaSucker 3-Bike Rack. Designed to carry three bikes on a broad range of cars. It will work on most small cars including the Ford Focus and VW Golf
  5. Komodo – The purpose-built single bike rack for cars with limited space to install a bike rack, this includes convertibles.
  6. Trike Rack – For the three-wheeler enthusiast. It will work on most cars


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2 Comments to “ Bike Racks”

  1. Trent says :Reply

    Does the racks support the weight of mountain bikes?

    1. Hi Adam,
      Thank you for contacting us with your query and I do apologise for our late reply.
      Transporting a Mountain Bike With a SeaSucker Fork Mounted Bike Rack.
      For example, the SeaSucker Talon 1-Bike Rack is rated to transported one bike up to 20 kg
      The SeaSucker Mini Bomber 2-Bike Rack is rated to transport two bikes @ 20 kg each, giving it a weight carrying capacity of 40 kg.
      The SeaSucker Bomber 3-Bike Rack is rated to transport three bikes @ 20 kg each, giving it a weight carrying capacity of 60 kg.
      If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Kindest Regards,


      SeaSucker Down Under

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