The SeaSucker range of Bait Boards

SeaSucker Medium Bait Board Vertical Mount

Medium Bait Board Vertical Mount – 559mm x 305 mm internal dimensions

Most fishing boats have a bait board installed. Some of them are removable making them easy to clean and allow the owner to reconfigure the boat for other activities. The issue is the lack of mounting locations. With a fixed setup you have to revolve around the bait board. With the boat at anchor and the fishing underway, everyone is jostling for space around the bait board. As the bait board can accommodate bait, tools and fishing rigs it’s difficult to enjoy your fishing without one.

Medium Bait Table Horizontal Mount

Medium Bait Board Horizontal Mount – 559mm x 305 mm internal dimensions

This is what distinguishes SeaSucker Bait Boards from the competition. You can mount them on ANY horizontal or vertical smooth flat surface. You can mount several bait boards in your boat negating the squabble over access when fishing.

SeaSucker Small Bait Board

SeaSucker Small Bait Board – 432mm x 280 mm internal dimensions

You can also change places within seconds. Best of all you will NEVER have to drill a hole or mount a rod holder. Constructed from 13 mm starboard SeaSucker Bait Boards come in three sizes. They all have open corners making it easy to dispose of waste. Some have knife slots in the outer corners providing a safe place for your bait and filleting knives. The tray hangs over the side of the boat so you can quickly dispose of remains whilst keeping your boat clean.

SeaSucker Large Bait Table

SeaSucker Large Bait Board – 864 mm x 381 mm internal dimensions

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