Fitting the SeaSucker Talon to SUV / 4×4 Vehicles

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The most popular Talon Bike rack configurationfor SUV’s  is the rear window mount. Roof mounting is also an option. Securing your bike on the roof of an SUV / 4×4 vehicle that is 1.8 metres high is no easy task. In this article, we will cover the various rear window mounting options across various SUV’s.

Talon Bike Rack Rear Window Mount – Ford Territory

Ford Territory - Side View

Ford Territory - Rear View

The Ford Territory presents a unique set of challenges. The corrugated roof line leaves no flat area to attached a vacuum mount.  The Talon Bike Rack fits easily on the rear glass. You can mount the rear wheel strap on:

1. Either side of the number plate; or

2. The area below the “TERRITORY” or the “GHIA” badges.

 SeaSucker Talon Rear Window Mount – Toyota Land Cruiser

The rear window on the Toyota Land Cruiser provides several options for mounting your bike. In this scenario, we have mounted the Talon Bike Rack on the rear glass and the rear wheel strap on the bumper bar. The rear wheel strap prevents the bike’s rear wheel from sliding left and right.

Toyota Land Cruiser with SeaSucker Talon Bike Rack - Rear View

Toyota Land Cruiser with SeaSucker Talon Bike Rack - Side View

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