SeaSucker Heavy-Duty Trolling Rod Holder

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SeaSucker Heavy-Duty Trolling Rod Holder

SeaSucker Heavy-Duty Trolling Rod Holder

Have you been searching for a Rod Holder that can store big game reels and be used in your trolling spread? Introducing the SeaSucker Heavy-Duty Trolling Rod Holder. A purpose-built Rod Holder specifically designed for big game reels. The polished aluminium on this powerful rod holder complements the look of your permanent rod holders. Unlike your permanent rod holders, you can remove the rod holder when you’re not using it.

Better still you can fine tune your trolling spread by adding several Heavy-Duty Trolling Rod Holders. You can alter the trolling spread by moving the rod holder from one surface to another. You can also adjust the rod holder angle to suit the conditions.

At the heart of this Heavy-Duty Trolling Rod Holder are two 152mm (6″) Vacuum Mounts. That’s 180 kg of holding power in a single rod holder.

SeaSucker Heavy-Duty Trolling Rod Holder in use

SeaSucker Heavy-Duty Trolling Rod Holder in use

The dimensions of the Aluminium Rod Holder are as follows:

  • Internal Diameter – 45mm;
  • Internal Depth – 254mm; and
  • Footprint – 318mm x 152mm approx.

Rod Holder Features

The key features are as follows:

  • Two 152mm (6″) Vacuum Mounts –  The two Vacuum Mounts have 180 kg of holding power. The Rod Holder will easily withstand the pressure from the strike of a big game fish. The Vacuum Mount will attach to any smooth flat surface within seconds;
  • Rod Holder Plastic Insert – The plastic insert protects your fishing rod from being scratched; and
  • Pinned Bottom – The pin at the bottom enables you to lock in your slotted butt rods.

This is a great Heavy-Duty Rod Holder that requires no drilling and no screws. If you have any queries please CLICK HERE to access the Blog HELP Menu option.

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