Customer Idea – Kayak Tripod Mount

A Kayak Tripod Mount that installs in seconds without drilling a single hole!

The Customer Brief in Detail

Customer Idea - Kayak Tripod Mount

Customer Idea – Kayak Tripod Mount

“Drilling holes into a racing kayak is NOT an option” stated our customer. His goal was to mount a camera on any of the racing kayaks used in the rowing camp. This would enable him to record his team’s performance. In effect, this would give him a powerful post race analysis tool. He also needed a solution that installs and removes within seconds.

Our customer spent time studying our vacuum mounts through our blog. He understood the various mounting options available but wasn’t sure of the ideal solution.

The SeaSucker Solution – The Kayak Tripod Mount

Kayak Tripod Mount - Securing tripod to vacuum mount

Kayak Tripod Mount – Securing tripod to vacuum mount


After studying the problem with him we realised the Vacuum Mount centre thread was the best option. To save him time we also supplied a set of short bolts to suit his application. In order to give him peace of mind we also backed up our solution with our “30 Day Money Back Guarantee” on the item cost only. (Please Note: Our “30 Day Money Back Guarantee” does not apply to the cost of postage/shipping)

A week later we received the following feedback.

“Worked very well on rowing camp though the ball joint is a little loose in the rubber feet. I anchored the tripod using a stick on camera tether just to be safe”

The included photos tell the story. Here’s a perfect way to mount a camera tripod on a racing kayak without putting at risk the hull’s integrity. It gives the rowing community a very powerful tool. Best of all it only takes seconds to mount it.

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