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iPad Galaxy Mount White

iPad Galaxy Mount White

iPad Galaxy Mount Black

iPad Galaxy Mount Black






SeaSucker Off Road & Marine Tablet Mount

Off Road & Marine Tablet Mount

The iPad has dramatically changed our lives. This versatile device takes mobile computing to a whole new level. It’s the perfect size to take anywhere and with its super-fast start-up time, you are ready to go in seconds.

On the flip side it is widely acknowledged that the iPad / Tablet is not ideally suited to periods of long use especially where there is lots of typing involved. This is largely due to two reasons:

  1. The on-screen keyboard occupies too much screen real estate; and
  2. With the keyboard and screen together it is difficult to come up with an ergonomically sound solution if you plan to use the iPad / Tablet PC for an extended period.

Enter the SeaSucker iPad / Galaxy / Mount!!!

The SeaSucker iPad / Galaxy / Mount will attach to any smooth flat surface. Within seconds your iPad / Tablet is secured to most tables / bench surfaces. Below is one we prepared earlier.

SeaSucker White iPad Galaxy Mount in study

Turn an iPad into a mini desktop computer using the SeaSucker iPad / Galaxy Mount.

Using a Bluetooth (Wireless) Keyboard you can mount your iPad at an ideal height using the SeaSucker iPad / Galaxy / Mount. Within seconds we converted the iPad into a mini desktop computer. The iPad now is both highly functional and well suited to typing for extended periods. Best of all you don’t have to sacrifice screen real estate whilst typing. Next we will demonstrate just how easy it is to set up the iPad using the SeaSucker iPad / Galaxy / Mount.

Below are the components you will need.

Components required for the Mini Desktop Computer

Components required for the Mini Desktop Computer

On the left we have the complete SeaSucker iPad / Galaxy / Mount kit including the carry case and instructions.

On the right we have the iPad and the Apple Wireless / Bluetooth Keyboard. There are many wireless keyboards available on the market, just pick the one that bests suits your needs.

Firstly, screw in the Naked Flex Arm into one of the SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts provided. As you can see in the above photo the SeaSucker Vacuum Mount has two designated spots to screw the Naked Flex Arm into place.

SeaSucker iPad / Galaxy Mount

SeaSucker iPad / Galaxy Mount

Next screw in the second SeaSucker Vacuum Mount. Now you are ready to secure the SeaSucker iPad / Galaxy / Mount to both the table and the iPad. Before you attach the vacuum mounts make sure the SeaSucker iPad / Galaxy / Mount is pointing in the direction you wish to use. The SeaSucker Mini Desktop is ready for use. You are ready to sit down and begin replying to your emails or typing that all important document etc….

The SeaSucker iPad / Galaxy / Mount can also be used to mount your iPad / Tablet PC into most cars as well. We will cover this in another post.

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  1. Michael C Browne says :Reply

    Can an ipad in a lifeproof case be used with the seasucker? My particular use is onboard ships out in weather. My lifeproof case wont seal to the naked seasucker..

    1. Hi, we do have RAM Cradles that will accommodate a LifeProof case. Alternatively our vacuum mounts should be able to attach to the back of a Lifeproof case as the back of the case is quite smooth

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