Can I Transport my E-Bike with a SeaSucker Bike Rack

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Transporting E-Bikes with SeaSucker Bike Racks

As E-Bikes gain in popularity the need to transport them has also grown. Cyclists are taking to E-Bikes as a cost-effective eco-friendly travel option. Therefore, can I transport my E-bike with a SeaSucker Bike Rack? The short answer is “Yes”, however, there are some conditions. For the purpose of the article, we will examine the SeaSucker Talon 1-Bike Rack and the SeaSucker Mini Bomber 2-Bike Rack as they are our most popular bike racks.

The most important issue when considering the right bike rack is the E-Bike’s weight. A typical E-Bike will weigh from 15 kg to 25 kg and more. When determining the weight of your bike please subtract the weight of the front wheel in your calculations as the front wheel must be removed in order to install the E-Bike.

All SeaSucker bike racks have a maximum weight rating per bike. Whilst SeaSucker bike racks are capable of transporting heavier bikes the maximum weight rating is critical and must not be exceeded. We discuss this in detail below.

Can the SeaSucker Talon transport an E-Bike?

2019 SeaSucker Talon

The SeaSucker Talon is rated to transport one bike up to 20 kg. If the weight of your E-Bike is above 20 kg with the front wheel removed you can also remove the E-Bike’s battery from the bike as this will most certainly reduce the bike’s weight below the 20 kg limit. We often come across customers with E-Bikes that weigh approx 22 to 23 kg with the front wheel removed. In this case, removing the front wheel will reduce the bike’s overall weight under 20 kg. If removing the battery is not your preferred option then we recommend considering our next option, the SeaSucker Mini Bomber 2-Bike Rack.

Whilst the SeaSucker Talon is capable of transporting heavier bikes the limitation here is the bike rack’s footprint (390 mm x 340 mm). Being such a compact bike rack has many advantages especially when travelling by plane on cycling holidays, however, the small footprint is a disadvantage when transporting E-Bikes when compared to the SeaSucker Mini Bomber 2-Bike Rack. With a generous footprint of 770 mm x 210 mm and two extra vacuum mounts the SeaSucker Mini Bomber is able to distribute the weight of the bike over a larger distance spreading the load over a greater roof distance.

Can the SeaSucker Mini Bomber transport an E-Bike?

2019 SeaSucker Mini BomberThe SeaSucker Mini Bomber is rated to transport 2 bikes up to 20 kg each or a single bike up to 40 kg. Furthermore, the SeaSucker Mini Bomber has an extra trick up its sleeve. In the centre of the bike rack mainboard is an extra set of holes that will take an additional fork mount. This provides the perfect option for cyclists that have a mix of conventional bikes and an E-Bike. Using this configuration there is no requirement to remove anything from your bike apart from the front wheel. 

The SeaSucker Mini Bomber has a footprint of 770 mm x 210 mm. This enables it to distribute the weight of the bikes over a greater distance when compared to the SeaSucker Talon 1-Bike Rack. 

In closing, SeaSucker bike racks are well suited to transporting E-Bikes. The main consideration is the bike’s weight, keeping the bike’s transported weight under SeaSucker’s maximum weight rating is imperative. Reducing the bike’s weight by removing its battery is acceptable. We also have a bike rack option that doesn’t require the removal of the battery and can also transport 2 conventional bikes (although not at the same time)

Choosing the right bike rack location for your car and bike

Close up of SeaSucker Talon main board

With SeaSucker bike racks you have the flexibility to install the bike rack in many locations on your car. Having said this, when transporting heavy bikes we look for an area on the car that is very rigid with no flex in the surface. Therefore some locations to consider are

  1. Windscreen/Roof Installation or Rear Window/Roof – The SeaSucker Talon has an “L” shaped mainboard with 3 vacuum mounts. As shown on the box, you can install the mainboard such that two vacuum mounts are installed on the roof with the third mount on the windscreen.
  2. Rear Window/Roof Installation – Alternatively, you can also install the SeaSucker Talon, in the same way, installing two vacuum mounts on the roof and a single vacuum mount on the rear window.
  3. Install the bike rack on the curbside of your car – For our Australian customers, we would also recommend installing the bike rack on the left-hand side of your car. This ensures the rear wheel strap will be located along the edge of the roof. The roof edge is the strongest part of the roof as this is where the rood folds or bends lie. Furthermore, installing the SeaSucker Talon on the left-hand side of your car is much safer as this ensures you will always mount and dismount your bike from the curb.

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