Mounting Marine Electronics made easy

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GPS & Fish Finder secured with Vacuum Mounts

Mounting Marine Electronics made easy

GPS & Fish Finder secured with Vacuum Mounts

Vacuum Mounted Electronics

Mounting marine electronics whilst maintaining the flexibility to upgrade without having to go through the pain of filling great big holes in the helm can be achieved by using the SeaSucker vacuum mounts. Rather than drill holes everywhere the simple solution is to secure the GPS or Sounder using vacuum mounts. This works particularly well with boats that have provision to mount electronics above the dashboard. This also gives you further flexibility in being able to change the position of each electronic device.

We have been using the SeaSucker vacuum mounts on our demo boat (1992  Haines Hunter 560F) for over 2 years. In that time they were treated rather harshly. One of the vacuum mounts was struggling to hold vacuum, upon closer inspection the “O” ring underneath the vacuum cup had been damaged.

Earlier this year the decision was taken to upgrade the Fish Finder. The trusty Raymarine DS500x would give way to a Furuno FCV 627

Whilst you can buy mounting kits for the Furuno FCV 627 we chose to adapt he standard mounting hardware. Starting with a thick sheet of aluminium we cut a round disc that fits neatly inside the bottom of the mounting base. The disc effectively becomes an adapter plate. Next holes are drilled to secure the disc to the mounting base and the SeaSucker vacuum mount housing.

The GPS is fixed to the vacuum mounts using the centre ¼-20 thread in the SeaSucker vacuum mount housing. The also allows the GPS to pivot once the vacuum mount has been engaged.

Time for some simple “before” and “after” photos, let’s start with the “before” shots with the Raymarine DS500x



GPS & Fish Finder secured with Vacuum MountsAFTER

With the Fish Finder upgraded up to a Furuno FCV-627

Once the vacuum mount is fully engaged it establishes a very solid connection, so much so that I haven’t experienced any issues with my electronics moving around unnecessarily.

It is very much a temporary solution, for example once you have finished fishing for the day you would break the vacuum cup seal by pushing upwards on the release tab and cover the vacuum cup with its protective cover.

The SeaSucker vacuum mounts are a great solution; super quick to attach and release and have enormous holding power; up to 45 kg from a single 114 mm (4.5″) vacuum mount.

SeaSucker 114 mm White Vacuum Mounts: Click Here

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