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Talon Bike Rack - Lamborghini

The key features of the SeaSucker range of Bike Racks

The SeaSucker range of Bike Racks are a revolutionary product on the market.

The design and key features are very unique. The bike rack features include the following::

  • Incredibly easy to install – You can attached your bike to your vehicle in seconds;
  • No tools required – Gone are the days where a toolbox is needed to install your bike rack;
  • Won’t scratch your car – The suction cups are non marking as well as UV and weather resistant;
  • Easily transportable – Travelling interstate / overseas, our bike racks will fit in your luggage so you can take it with you;
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption – As most other bike racks are permanent  the extra height and profile causes increased fuel consumption. As all SeaSucker Bike Racks are removable the impact on fuel consumption is negligible. An average our customers have noticed an increase in range of approx 90 km -100 km from every tank. Depending on your vehicle and the cost of fuel this represents an estimated  cost saving of $10 – $15 from every tank / fill up; and
  • Reusable – All of our bike racks our vehicle agnostic. When changing over to a new car and you can continue using the same bike rack in most cases. This is both highly convenient and very cost-effective.

Just to recap, SeaSucker Bike Racks are incredibly easy to install, need no tools, won’t scratch your car and will fit in your luggage when travelling interstate / overseas. To prove these features please watch this video.

Above all this there is one key feature that stands above the rest. When it comes to strength our bike racks are incredibly strong. All our bike racks use the 152mm (6″) Vacuum Mount. As an example the Talon Bike Rack has a total of 4 Vacuum Mounts giving you a total of 360kg of holding power.

Our customers often ask – “Whilst on paper that sounds great, show me a real life example?”

We are pleased to report our parent company took up the challenge. Please watch the SeaSucker Bike Rack demonstration below using a Racing Car!

Over the coming weeks we will publish detailed articles demonstrating our bike racks in use. We will demonstrate just how easy it is to attach our bike racks to just about every type of vehicle.

We will also cover in detail the various bike rack accessories we have available through our product web site.

In the meantime if you have any query please feel free to contact us. We are also happy to take special requests for more information.

Like our motto says!