Why use SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts?

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One of our earliest customers asked us this simple question. “Why use SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts?”

The question seems simple enough!

Well, apart from their enormous strength, ability to hold vacuum for many days and the built in low vacuum warning, quite simply it’s the flexibility of being able to mount almost anything to a smooth flat surface.

This initially may not be a big deal, however if you have lived through the pain of installing something as simple as a cup holder in your boat, only to realise you have installed it in the wrong spot or even worse you decide to upgrade and the old holes don’t match up with the new accessory, then you will know what I am talking about!

In the most situations, if you could avoid drilling or cutting holes into most surfaces you would,  you retain the flexibility and in most cases avoid compromising any structural integrity.

Drilling holes in boats just doesn’t make any sense!!

You need to be 100% sure before drilling the first hole otherwise the cost of fibreglass / gel-coat repairs is just horrendous. To this point I am happy to share my experience. After completing a recent rebuild of my boat I went through the pain (and substantial cost) of filling 52 holes as part of the rebuild. The sad part is I could have avoid many of those holes had I used the SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts. I won’t be making the same mistake again

Best of all our SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts are completely interchangeable. All of our solutions are based on either our  114mm (4 1/2″) SeaSucker or our  152mm (6″) SeaSucker so you can use the same Vacuum Mount for a host of different applications.

Like our motto says!