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New Look SeaSucker Down Under Online Store is here

The New Look SeaSucker Down Under Online Store

New Look Online StoreThe New Look SeaSucker Down Under Online Store was implemented on Friday 16th February 2018. Our online store underwent a major revamp aimed at improving the customer experience. Furthermore, the new online store was developed using Bigcommerce’s Stencil Theme. The Stencil theme enables us to deliver greater functionality.  As a result, the new Online Store contains all popular functions in the header. 

New “Product Category” & Brands” Tree Selector

Category SelectorBrands Selector


The header contains a new Category Tree Selector. This allows customers to navigate our products categories and select the right category with just one mouse click. Furthermore, the same design principles were used to develop a “Brands” Tree Selector. Both functions allow you to navigate the tree without having to click on the mouse, just point it.

New Faceted Search

New Search BarThe Search Bar was moved into the centre of the header and Faceted Search implemented. This enables our customers to search our products and also provides additional product filters.

Shop Our Popular Categories

Shop Our Popular CategoriesThe Shop Our Popular Categories is a new feature aimed at providing quick access to our most popular product categories. Furthermore, the new feature operates dynamically. It will change based on our sales history.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. We will continue development of our Online Store. If there is something you like or dislike please let us know. Your feedback is very important to us.



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