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Audi A5 Paddle Board Rack

Audi A5  Roof Rack – The SeaSucker Paddle Board Rack

Tim’s Audi A5

Tim lives in Brisbane and is an avid Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) enthusiast who also loves his Audi A5. The combination of vehicle and hobby was causing issues for Tim. The Audi A5 is not designed to accommodate roof racks. With no mounting points on the roof and no factory Audi A5 Roof Rack available Tim contacted us looking for a solution.

Audi A5  Roof Rack – The SeaSucker Paddle Board Solution

Audi A5 Paddle Board Rack

Tim contacted us keen to try out our paddle board rack. After working through his requirements we were confident the SeaSucker Paddle Board Rack was the right solution.  Several weeks later Tim got back in touch and provided the following review:

Great product, and really the only option for transporting a kayak on my Audi A5, which was not really designed with roof racks in mind. Takes 5 minutes to attach and less to remove and no damage or marks to the paint work. Chris was very helpful with the ordering process. Would highly recommend SeaSucker products for anyone where a standard roof rack is not an option.

The SeaSucker Paddle Board Rack is a versatile vehicle agnostic solution. The Paddle Board bars are width adjustable from 610 mm through to 1,120 mm. This allows it to fit onto the roof of almost any vehicle. No more buying roof racks specific to your car then buying another rack when you replace your car. With six 152 mm SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts the Paddle Board racks pack 540 kg of combined holding power. The included wrap around protective padding and 3000 mm straps make it easy to secure almost anything to the SeaSucker Paddle Board Rack.

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