Mini Cooper 4-Door Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Talon

Chris had recently purchased a Mini Cooper 4-Door and was looking for a Mini Cooper 4-Door Bike Rack. Given this car has no roof rails this limits Chris’s options. After some research, Chris contacted us to recommend an appropriate bike rack solution.






Chris’s requirements were quite straightforward. He needed to transport his mountain bike and was happy to transport the front wheel inside the car. His bike has a 15 mm x 110 mm Boost Through-Axle front wheel. Therefore, the SeaSucker Talon – Single Bike Rack with the GOLD HUSKE Through-Axle Plugs will easily meet his needs. 







Mounting the SeaSucker Talon on the Mini Cooper 4-Door

After Chris sent us some initial photos we quickly noticed an issue. Chris had mounted his bike rack in the centre of the roof of his car. Whilst the Seasucker Talon mainboard is in an ideal position, utilizing the roof fold and glass, the rear wheel strap was not located near a roof fold or bend. As a result, we notice an unusual amount of flex in his roof. We contacted Chris and requested he relocates the bike rack. We recommended he install the bike rack along the left-hand side nearest the roof folds running along the top of the roof on either side of the roof. Furthermore, the left-hand side is also closest to the curb making it a safer dismount option.



Customer Feedback

Shortly after receiving his bike rack, Ian sent us these photos and confirmed the recommended mounting location is the ideal spot for the Mini Copper 4-Door. He has since completed numerous trips, removing the bike rack when arriving and storing it in the car.               







Looking for a bike rack for your Mini Copper 4-Door?   

2019 SeaSucker Talon 1-Bike Rack








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