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SeaSucker Mini Bomber mounted on a Lexus LC500

Lexus LC500 Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Mini Bomber


Aaron is a keen road and off-road cyclist who recently purchased a Lexus LC500. Looking to improve the vehicle’s practicality Aaron searched the internet for a Lexus LC500 Bike Rack. This search led Aaron to SeaSucker and in particular, the SeaSucker Mini Bomber 2-Bike Rack. Furthermore, Aaron needed to transport bikes with quick-release and through-axle front wheels.

The Solution – SeaSucker Mini Bomber 2-Bike Rack

SeaSucker Mini Bomber mounted on a Lexus LC500Aaron chose the SeaSucker Mini Bomber to transport his bikes. To accommodate his Mountain Bikes (MTB) Aaron also purchased the Fork Up Trilogy Adapter. Apart from sourcing a Lexus LC500 Bike Rack, Aaron had another issue to overcome. The Lexus LC500 has limited boot space. Transporting two wheels inside the car would be problematic. Furthermore, throwing dirty mountain bike wheels in his car after a day riding wasn’t very appealing. As a result, Aaron also purchased 2 x SeaSucker Flight Decks. These front wheel carriers solved Aaron’s limited boot space issue. The SeaSucker Flight Deck integrates with the rear wheel strap providing a strong platform to secure the back wheel whilst also providing storage for the front wheels.






Mounting Locations – Roof-Mount & Roof to Rear Window Mount

SeaSucker Mini Bomber mounted on a Lexus LC500Roof-Mount

This is a very typical mounting location for most cars and Aaron’s Lexus LC500 Bike Rack is no exception. The SeaSucker Mini Bomber mainboard is mounted on the roof close to where the roof meets the windscreen. The fold in the roof located here provides the required strength and rigidity. As the Lexus LC500 is a two-door sports car the length of the roof is very short. Consequently, the rear-wheel strap is mounted at the top of the back window. This takes advantage of the inherent strength and stiffness that glass offers. 

Aaron also uses this configuration when transporting is Enduro MTB. As shown in the photo, Aaron also uses the SeaSucker Flight Deck when transporting the front wheels of his MTB’s. As a result, Paul avoids having to clean the bott after every MTB ride.




Roof to Rear Window Mount

Aaron also utilises the Roof to Rear Window Mount when transporting his road bikes. The SeaSucker Mini Bomber mainboard is mounted on the roof, tucked up as close as possible to where the roof meets the back window. As mentioned above, this is a great location as the mainboard is located close to the roof fold which provides great strength and rigidity. Furthermore, the rear wheel strap is located on the back window. 






Other Lexus Cars on our blog

The most notable Lexus on our blog is Paul’s Lexus ISF Bike Rack. Some five years ago Paul purchased a SeaSucker Mini Bomber 2-Bike Rack. At the time, SeaSucker offered their bike racks with white vacuum mounts. We caught up with Paul 18 months ago to service his bike rack. Pauls’s favourite mounting location is the Roof to Rear Window Mount. This was chosen as minimising overall height was Paul’s top priority. Consequently, Paul lives in a high-rise apartment with minimal height in the parking garage. 

Similarly, we have Ivan’s Lexus ES300h Bike Rack. This plug-in electric hybrid also has a sunroof. As a result, using the Roof  Mount location with the SeaSucker Bomber 3-Bike Rack was an ideal choice. The gap between the sunroof and the windscreen is perfect for mounting SeaSucker Bike Racks. Firstly, we have the roof fold where the roof meets the windscreen. Secondly, we have another roof fold where the roof meets the sunroof. This makes an ideal mounting location for most cars with a sunroof.


Customer Feedback

Aaron recently posted his feedback on our Facebook page. Here are his comments “Love mine. No worries at all even with two fairly heavy Enduro MTB’s – *track-tested up to 140kph 😉” Thanks, Aaron for sending us your photos and sharing your experience







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