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SeaSucker Roof Rack on Lexus LC500

Looking for a Lexus LC500 Roof Rack? Check out our customer’s car with the SeaSucker Monkey Bars. Our customer installed a roof box to help with transporting his favourite gear.

Lexus LC500 Roof Rack – The SeaSucker Monkey Bars

SeaSucker Roof Rack on Lexus LC500We previously covered Aaron’s cycling needs in our Lexus LC500 Bike Rack article. After completing numerous interstate trips Aaron wanted to further improve the practicality of his sports car. Subsequently, Aaron was looking for a Lexus LC500 Roof Rack to improve storage and practicality when going on holidays. His primary need was the ability to transport a ski box or storage box. As a result, Aaron also purchased the SeaSucker Monkey Bars



Mounting the SeaSucker Monkey Bars Roof Rack

SeaSucker Roof Rack on Lexus LC500The SeaSucker Monkey Bars is a universal roof rack system. It can be fitted onto almost any car. This is due to its adjustable support towers. The close up photo on the left shows the support tower attached to the roof rail. It’s secured to the roof rail using an aluminium clamp. As a result, the adjustable support towers can slide along the entire length of the roof rail. This enables the placement of the support towers to be located in the ideal position on the car’s roof.  So, what is the ideal location for mounting the SeaSucker Monkey Bars? The same principle for mounting a SeaSucker Bike Rack applies to the SeaSucker Monkey Bars. The ideal location is anywhere there is a fold in the roof panel. A roof fold exists along the outer edge of every roof, for example, there are roof folds along the front edge of the roof, where the roof meets the windscreen. Alternatively, a roof fold also exists where the roof meets the car’s doors. The area near the roof fold is where the greatest strength in the roof lies.  


The SeaSucker Monkey Bars in Detail

SeaSucker Roof Rack on Lexus LC500What makes the SeaSucker Monkey Bars modular? With a diameter of 38 mm or 1.5″ the aluminium roof rails can transport almost anything. Clamp-on storage boxes, Kayak cradles, Canoe cradles and also transport bikes. In fact, SeaSucker, LLC will shortly release a Bike Rack kit for the SeaSucker Monkey Bars, we expect to have this in stock by June/July this year. The support towers on the SeaSucker Monkey Bars slide along the length of the roof rails. This makes the SeaSucker Monkey bars vehicle agnostic. Installing the roof rack is easy. Locate each support tower towards the outer edge of the roof. This ensures the vacuum mounts are installed closest to the fold or bend in the roof as this is where the greatest roof strength lies.


Looking for a Modular Roof Rack for your Lexus LC500?

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SeaSucker Monkey Bars Product Photo

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