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Hyundai i30 Bike Rack - The SeaSucker Mini Bomber

Hyundai i30 Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Mini Bomber

Ersin is a keen cycling enthusiast who also enjoys cycling remote destinations. As a result, Ersin was looking for a Hyundai i30 Bike Rack. After researching online he contacted us looking for a bike rack solution that could carry two bikes.

After discussing his needs we recommended the 2019 SeaSucker Mini Bomber 2-Bike Rack. The bikes Ersin rides have a Quick-Release front wheel, therefore, none of the optional Through-Axle plugs were required. Furthermore, as the Hyundai i30 has plenty of storage space a front wheel holder was not needed.

Several weeks later Ersin drove from Melbourne to Mt. Hotham with his bikes on the roof. He sent us these amazing photos.

Thank you Ersin for providing the photos and sharing your experience.

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2019 SeaSucker Mini Bomber

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