The SeaSucker Gaff / Net Holder

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Gaff / Net Holder

Gaff / Net Holder

Some of the more difficult items to store on your boat are Fishing Gaffs and Nets. The difficulty is finding somewhere to store them. When it’s time to fish you need your Fishing Gaffs and / or Nets located within easy reach.

This is where the SeaSucker Gaff / Net Holder comes into its own. This handy device can hold anything with a pole attached to it. Apart from Fishing Gaffs and Nets the SeaSucker Gaff / Net Holder can also be used to secure oars / paddles.

Gaff Net Holder in BoatHere is my favourite. In the photo above I am using the SeaSucker Gaff / Net Holder to hold my short arm gaff within easy reach. To release the short arm gaff just pull on the locking tab, ready to land the next big fish.

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