The SeaSucker range of Storage Solutions

The one thing all trailer boat owners will agree is, “Space is King!” The SeaSucker range of Storage Solutions will give you the extra storage required to keep your boat neat and tidy.

 SeaSucker Utility Hook

SeaSucker Utility Hook

Having ample storage helps keep your boat organised and uncluttered.The importance of this increases with the number of crew on board. The problem is how do you strike the right storage balance?

SeaSucker Storage Solutions gives you the flexibility to increase or decrease the amount of storage on your boat. Our range of Storage Solutions is useful for storing the smaller items on board your boat.

Our range of Storage Solutions include:

  • Water tight boxes;
  • Open pouches / pockets;
  • large utility hooks; and
  • Straps that can hold poles and gaffs in place
Large Dry Box Vertical Mount

Large Dry Box Vertical Mount

Each Storage Solution is available as a complete kit (i.e. with a SeaSucker Vacuum Mount).

Alternatively, if you already have a spare SeaSucker Vacuum Mount you can buy the Large Dry Box on its own. Our Storage Solutions allow you to configure your boat for the exact task at hand without drilling a hole.

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