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SeaSucker Board Rack on VW Transporter

VW Transporter Surfboard Rack – The SeaSucker Board Rack

SeaSucker Board Rack on VW TransporterAndy had a specific set of requirements when shopping for a VW Transporter Surfboard Rack to transport his surfboards. He wanted a solution that wasn’t permanent and was easy to install and remove. Furthermore, he wanted to transport his surfboards mounted vertically down the side of the van. This is due to roof being used for other purposes. And finally, he wanted a solution he could depend upon for an upcoming major trip to Ayers Rock, NT





Mounting the SeaSucker Board Rack on the Van’s Side Panels

We have been asked this question numerous times, “Can I transport my surfboards on my Van’s side panels? There are very few roof racks that could be used in this manner. The SeaSucker Board Rack is ideal for this use. The SeaSucker Board Rack is armed with 6 x 152 mm Vacuum Mounts, each packing  90 kg of direct pull strength and a 32 kg load-carrying capacity. Rated to transport surfboards, SUP & more up to 45 kg the SeaSucker Board Rack has plenty of redundancy necessary for a vertical installation.

After requesting photos of his car we examined the photos for any obstruction issues. Whilst Andy’s VW Transporter does have side windows this isn’t an issue for the SeaSucker Board Rack. Having said this, Roof Rack Pads and straps are essential when mounting on the side of any vehicle. This ensures the surfboards are strapped in tightly without causing any damage to the surfboards or the car. Fortunately, the SeaSucker Board Rack includes pads and straps as standard.

Andy also installed a safety lanyard to provide extra peace of mind. Whilst this is not necessary to use the Board Rack in this manner it would be worthwhile implementing it on long trips. Whilst Andy did install the SeaSucker Board Rack front cross bar on the rear of his van this was done to overcome an obstruction issue. Hence, Andy also installed a safety lanyard to provide extra peace of mind. Normally, the front cross bar must be installed towards the front of the vehicle as this is where the greatest aerodynamic load exists.

Andy’s Trip to Ayers Roc, NT

After purchasing the SeaSucker Board Rack in Andy headed off on his epic driving adventure from Queensland to Uluru, NT. After completing thousands of kilometers over 7 weeks Andy sent us these photos and his feedback below

Just letting you know we just got home after 7 weeks on the road and the Seasucker surfboard racks stayed on the van the whole time with no troubles. 




Looking for a roof rack for your VW Transporter?

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