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Toyota 86 Bike Rack - the SeaSucker Mini Bomber

Toyota 86  Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Mini Bomber 

Toyota 86 Bike Rack - the SeaSucker Mini BomberJonathan is a keen recreational cyclist who also owns a Toyota 86. After reading our article “SeaSucker Down Under Tams up with Airport Toyota and Team Avanti” he contacted us. He was looking for a Toyota 86 Bike Rack, the SeaSucker Mini Bomber 2-bike rack was the perfect choice.

Toyota 86 Bike Rack - the SeaSucker Mini BomberJonathan has both road and mountain bikes. His mountain bikes have 15 mm through axle front wheels. We recommended installing one Quick-Release and two 15 mm through-axle fork mounts on his bike rack. The SeaSucker Mini Bomber has a third set of holes drilled in the centre that can be used to install a third fork mount or an “Add-on Front Wheel Holder”.

Toyota 86 Bike Rack - the SeaSucker Mini BomberThe Toyota 86 has enough tailgate space to mount the main board on the back window and the rear wheel strap on the rear edge of the tailgate. As shown in the photos the rear wheel strap does not have to sit directly in line with the rear wheel hub. The rear wheel strap ensures the back wheel can not move left or right.

Several weeks after purchasing his bike rack Jonathan sent us these photos.

Looking for a bike rack for your Toyota 86?

Please consider the SeaSucker Mini Bomber, available through our online store.

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