Audi S3 Bike Rack – 4 years of use

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Audi S3 with a SeaSucker Talon mounted on the roof

Audi S3 Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Talon

Audi S3 Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Talon after 4 years of use

Michael has been riding for almost 10 years now, initially as a triathlete but is now focused on road racing. As a result, Michael attends weekly A grade criterium and open races, sometimes travelling several hundred kilometres. Some 4 years ago Michael was searching for an Audi S3 Bike Rack. He came across the SeaSucker Talon searching the internet

Michael purchased the standard SeaSucker Talon kit as his bikes had a quick-release front wheel. As a result, the SeaSucker Talon accommodated Michael’s needs as a triathlete and a road racer.

Audi S3 with a roof-mounted SeaSucker Talon

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We have featured many Audi vehicles on our blog. Our customer’s include Brad’s Audi S3 with a SeaSucker Mini Bomber 2-Bike Rack, Brendon’s Audi A4 with a SeaSucker Talon 1-Bike Rack and more recently Karl’s Audi TT with a SeaSucker Mini Bomber 2-Bike Rack

SeaSucker Talon – Panoramic Roof Mount

This is a very popular choice for customers with a Panoramic Roof. As the Panoramic Roof encompasses most of the roof it allows you to mount the mainboard on the fixed section of the Panoramic Roof. Furthermore, the rear wheel strap ends up on the back window. We often refer o this as the Glass to Glass mount. If you would like to explore other mounting options for sedans please click here

Customer Feedback

After 4 years of use, this is what Michael had to say. Consequently, I’ve had the bike rack for almost 4 years now and have used them in excess of 200 times with zero issues. I was attracted to the SeaSucker as when not in use, my car could revert back to the sporty looking performance vehicle that it is, without the ugly look of permanent roof racks.

Thank you, Michael, for sharing your feedback and sending us the photos.

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2017 SeaSucker Talon Product Photo

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