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Audi A4 Bike Rack - The SeaSucker Talon

Audi A4 Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Talon

Audi A4 Bike Rack - The SeaSucker TalonBrendon was in the market for an Audi A4 Bike Rack having recently purchased a new mountain bike. The seller recommended he check out the SeaSucker Bike Racks. As a result, Brendon contacted u looking for a bike rack solution for his Audi A4.

Audi A4 Bike Rack - The SeaSucker TalonAfter discussing his needs we suggested the SeaSucker Talon 1-Bike Rack. Furthermore, we suggested purchasing the replacement fork mount option. This removes the standard Quick-Release Fork Mount with a 15 mm x 100 mm Through-Axle Fork Mount. After measuring the width between the forks Brendon would also need a SeaSucker Boost Spacer as the width was 110 mm. This suggests that Brendon’s bike has a “Boost Front Hub”.

SeaSucker Talon Rear Window Mount

We were pleased to see he chose the Roof to Boot Mount location. This helps minimise the overall height of the bike rack making it easier to fit under carports and garages. We would also suggest moving the SeaSucker Talon mainboard further back, so the vacuum mounts are mounted partially on the roof and on the rear window. Subsequently, this will move the rear wheel strap closer to the rear edge of the boot. As a result, it places both the mainboard and the rear wheel strap closest to where the folds are situated. To find out more about the different mounting locations for sedan vehicles using the SeaSucker Talon please click here

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2017 SeaSucker Talon Product PhotoLike our motto says! NO DRILLS, NO SCREWS, NO PROBLEMS!

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