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Nissan Skyline Bike Rack - Mini Bomber

Customer feedback – The Mini Bomber & Flight Deck

We would like to share with you the recent customer feedback provided by Jason Flint. We were recently contacted by Jason who purchased a Mini Bomber bike rack almost 2 years ago and had a few issues. Jason is an avid mountain bike rider competing in the NSW Gravity Enduro Series

Jason Flint in action!

Jason Flint in action!

Soon after purchasing the Mini Bomber Jason also order the 3rd bike upgrade, enabling him to carry 3 bikes on his Mini Bomber.

Jason Flint Mini Bomber Jason Flint Nissan Skyline R34He also uses his Mini Bomber on many vehicles and relies on it heavily to transport his bikes interstate.

Jason Flint's Mini Bomber - Mounted on Mazda 3 MPS

Jason Flint’s Mini Bomber – Mounted on Mazda 3 MPS

Working with Jason we identified 2 vacuum mounts that were likely defective. Both vacuum pumps were used as rear wheel straps. Upon inspection we found excessive wear in the form of a faded orange band on the pump and tear marks on the vacuum cup seal. This was a Mini Bomber that had seen plenty of use including very harsh environments.

We asked Jason to summarise his experience with the SeaSucker Mini Bomber. Below is what he provided

“Since I purchased the SeaSucker Mini Bomber I have used it at least once every week, there are times it would get used 2 or 3 separate occasions in the week.

This is also on multiple cars which is the awesome thing about the SeaSucker. Not only do I benefit from easily being able to transport my bike but so do my friends and it often gets used when I go on a group ride because it can fit to anyone’s car.  

It’s been as far as Canberra, and has spent days on the car whilst we shuttle Stromlo Forest Park or when we head up to ride at Ourimbah State Forest or when I’m racing the NSW Gravity Enduro series hosted by Rockytrail.  

My experience with the SeaSucker Mini Bomber has always been good it’s never let me down and even when on the freeway sitting on 110kph it’s never moved or lost suction.

It’s versatility for me is the greatest function as I have access to a couple of cars and with this I don’t have to worry about not having my roof rack I just grab the SeaSucker and go.

It still turns heads too, it’s always funny watching people’s faces trying to work out how the bike is staying on the car.”

Thank you Jason for providing your feedback.


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