Talon Carry Bag

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SeaSucker Talon Carry Bag

SeaSucker Talon Carry Bag” width=”580″ height=”350″>We are excited to announce the introduction of the SeaSucker Talon Carry Bag. Made from canvas, this carry bag has enough space to accommodate the Talon Mainboard, Rear Wheel Strap, Spare Vacuum Mount, tools, crank strap and HUSKE Universal Plugs. Furthermore, the SeaSucker Talon Carry Bag protects your investment from being damaged and keeps everything in one place.

SeaSucker Talon Carry Bag with bike rack inside” width=”485″ height=”350″>We tested the Talon Carry Bag by filling the contents of a SeaSucker Talon box. Everything fitted nicely including the spare vacuum mount. The thick cords at the top secure the contents well. The SeaSucker Talon Carry Bag completes the catch cry “The go anywhere, do anything bike rack”

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