Tour De Cure – 3rd year with SeaSucker

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Tour De Cure Support Vehicle

Tour De Cure SA Discovery Tour 2019

Tour De Cure SA Discovery Tour 2019 – Kangaroo Island

hat an extraordinary effort, Tour De Cure has raised $52,000,000 plus since 2007. Furthermore, Tour De Cure has raised $11,200,00 this year. This has funded 29 significant breakthroughs in the quest to cure cancer Tour De Cure also funds support and prevention projects. This ensures nobody has to go through cancer alone. The Tour De Cure SA Discovery Tour is the first time this event has been held in South Australia. SeaSucker Down Under is an Essential Partner with Tour De Cure, a partnership we are very proud of.

SA Discovery Tour 2019 gets underway

We met up with Geoff and the crew from Tour De Cure the night before their the inaugural SA Discovery Tour. This is a 3 day 400 km ride from Victor Harbour, to Kingscote via SeaLink Kangaroo Island Ferry and back. It was a pleasure meeting everyone and thank you for the very warm reception.

Tour De Cure riders

This year is the third year Tour De Cure have used SeaSucker Bike Racks on all tours. They have 10 SeaSucker Bomber 3-Bike Racks plus 10 Flight Deck – Front Wheel Carriers at their disposal. Furthermore, they have subjected the bike racks to all weather extremes, from freezing cold to very hot and torrential rain to name a few.

Tour De Cure Support Vehicle

To date, we have had zero issues reported with the bike racks. Consequently, the Lexus loan cars are returned after each tour with no scratches or scuff marks. Its also given Tour De Cure the flexibility to use any model Lexus as the bike racks are vehicle agnostic.

Thanks, Geoff and the crew from Tour De Cure for your continued support and we look forward to working together for many more years to come. Our next article will feature the Lexus support vehicles with SeaSucker Bike Racks