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VW Dune Buggy Bike Rack - The SeaSucker Mini Bomber

VW Dune Buggy Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Mini Bomber 

VW Dune Buggy Bike rack - The SeaSucker Mini Bomber

It’s not often we come across a truly unique bike rack application. Tom purchased the Seasucker Mini Bomber from our sister store, Gear Campus. He also paid us a visit at our office in Cheltenham, Victoria. His initial requirement was to find a bike rack suitable for his Porsche Cayenne. We had no idea he was also looking for a VW Dune Buggy Bike Rack

VW Dune Buggy Bike Rack - The SeaSucker Mini BomberAfter demonstrating the versatility of the Seasucker Mini Bomber Tom decided to also fit a third fork mount opting for the SeaSucker 15 mm through-axle fork mount. The Seasucker Mini Bomber has the ability to install a third fork mount in the centre of the main board. Given Tom’s requirement to carry two road bikes or one mountain bike this was ideal.

VW Dune Buggy Bike Rack - The SeaSucker Mini BomberSeveral weeks later Tom sent us these photos. It was then we discovered something very unique about this bike rack installation. It looks like Tom made full use of the 2 x 152 mm SeaSucker Rear Wheel Straps that come standard with the Seasucker Mini Bomber. He joined the two together by facing each other, lining up the vacuum pads and sucking them both together. By doing this he can use one rear wheel strap to attach onto his roll cage and the other strap secures the back wheel. In effect, Tom has devised the first removable roll cage friendly rear wheel strap.

Thanks Tom for providing the photos and sharing your experience.

Looking for a bike rack for your VW Dune Buggy?

Please consider the SeaSucker Mini Bomber, available through our online store.

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