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Tesla Model S Bike Rack SeaSucker Talon

Tesla Model S with Full Glass Roof Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Talon

Kevin and his 2015 Tesla Model S with a Full Glass Roof

Tesla Model S Bike Rack SeaSucker Talon

Kevin is both a keen recreational and competitive cyclist and uses his Tesla Model S to transport his bikes. In the market for a Tesla Model S Bike Rack, he chose SeaSucker bike racks. He also has a SeaSucker Bomber when he needs to carry 3 bikes. We will feature Kevin’s SeaSucker Bomber in another post.

Tesla Model S Bike Rack SeaSucker TalonSoon after purchasing his Tesla Model S he also discovered SeaSucker was Tesla’s preferred OEM bike rack supplier. He contacted us to discuss his options and purchased the SeaSucker Talon. That was back in December 2015. Kevin also upgraded his SeaSucker Talon with the Rear Wheel Strap / Ladder Strap Upgrade. The molded housing ensures the rear wheel sits snugly on the rear wheel strap.

The 2015 Tesla Model S & the SeaSucker Talon

Tesla Model S Bike Rack SeaSucker Talon He also mounts the SeaSucker Talon on various locations depending on his needs. This includes mounting the bike rack on the full glass roof. SeaSucker Bike Racks provide great flexibility in this regard. If Kevin wishes to use the glass roof he mounts the bike rack directly behind the glass roof as show on the photos.

Tesla Model S Bike Rack SeaSucker TalonSo what’s next for Kevin? Looking for an even smaller bike rack footprint Kevin will be our first customer to receive the new SeaSucker Komodo, the ultimate bike rack for sports cars and convertibles.

Thank you Kevin for sharing your story and your support

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SeaSucker Talon Product Photo

The SeaSucker Talon Single Bike Rack

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