VHF / UHF Antenna Window Mount

New Product – VHF / UHF Antenna Window Mount

High-Gain VHF / UHF Antenna Window Mount

 Following on from our post regarding the VHF / UHF Antenna Roof Mount we bring you the VHF / UHF Antenna Window Mount. After assembling the VHF / UHF Antenna Roof Mount a good friend challenged us to find a solution that would attach to the window of a car or the side panels of a van. As a result, we scrounged through our spare parts bin looking for a bracket that might do the job. We quickly realised the discontinued SeaSucker Small “L” Bracket would be an ideal candidate.

Our first Prototype High-Gain and Low-Gain VHF Antenna Window Mount

High Gain Antenna Window MountHigh Gain Antenna Window Mount 

After a quick test fit, two things stood out. Using the SeaSucker Small “L” Bracket meant the antenna could pivot through approx 40 degrees. Subsequently, this would provide great adjustability. Next, we need to enlarge the antenna mounting hole to accommodate the High-Gain Antenna. After a quick run through the drill press and a coat of black paint, we had our first prototype.

Low Gain Antenna Window Mount Low Gain Antenna Window Mount

After examining our first prototype we realised one minor inconvenience. In order to adjust the antenna angle, you must remove the four vacuum mount housing screws. This provides access to the two Stainless Steel Nyloc nuts inside the housing. Alternatively, the same angle adjustment can be achieved by mounting the entire VHF / UHF Antenna Window Mount on the desired angle. 

Customer Feedback

As with the VHF / UHF Antenna Roof Mount, the VHF / UHF Antenna Window Mount will undergo a series of trials before being released as a commercial product. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on this product. It will be available in two different version, High-Gain and Low-Gain versions. What do you think of the VHF / UHF Antenna Window Mount? What would you change? Would you like the option of being able to purchase the antenna when purchasing this product? We encourage everyone to leave their comments and feedback as we complete testing.


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