Mini R58 Roof Rack – The SeaSucker Board Rack

William was looking for a Mini R58 Coupe roof rack to transport his surfboards.  He had found few options given the Mini R58 has no roof rails and has a sharp roof curvature. He contacted us with his requirements and we recommended the SeaSucker Board Rack. The Seasucker Board Rack is made up of two independent HDPE Cross Bars providing a sturdy platform to secure surfboards. The Front Cross Bar has 4 Heavy-Duty Suction Cups to accommodate the greater aerodynamic load. As a result, this Heavy-Duty Suction Cup Surfboard Rack is rated to 45 kg (100  lbs).  It can transport several surfboards, SUP and more. The eaSucker Board Rack Kit includes a set of SeaSucker Roof Rack Pads and straps.





In William’s case, he also had winter requirements. He wanted the ability to transport skis and snowboards on the roof of his Mini R58 using the Seasucker Board Rack. As William already had a traditional set of the clamp-on clamshell ski and snowboard carriers he quickly discovered they were compatible with the Seasucker Board Rack. Within minutes, William clamped on the ski and snowboard carrier to the SeaSucker Board Rack and he is good to go. Thanks, William for sending us the photos and sharing your experience.





SeaSucker Board Rack Placement

The position of the front and rear crossbars in the Seasucker Board Rack is important. When installing the Seasucker Board Rack we look for areas in the roof that have the sharpest bends or folds. This can typically be found around the outer edges of the roof. In Williams case, his placement is ideal as the front crossbar is located nearest the roof/windscreen fold and the rear crossbar is placed nearest the rear roof edge where a sharp bend runs across the bar and either side of it. 





Please Note: We do NOT recommend installing the front crossbar at the rear and vice versa as shown in the above photo. The front crossbar has 4 Heavy-Duty Suction Cups to accommodate for the higher aerodynamic load experienced at the front of the roof rack. This should always be installed towards the front of the car as shown in this photo.






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SeaSucker Board Rack product photo