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SeaSucker Monkey Bars roof rack system installed on a Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Roof Rack – The SeaSucker Monkey Bars

Ford Mustang with the SeaSucker Monkey Bars roof rack system

Steve was looking for a Ford Mustang Roof Rack capable of transporting kayaks, surfboards and stand up paddle boards. He also wanted the option to transport several bikes. Therefore, after researching various options, including our roof racks blog page Steve contacted us and arranged for a customer demonstration.

Steve paid us a visit at our new warehouse in Lonsdale, South Australia. Our new warehouse has a customer drive-in demonstration area. This allows us to demonstrate our products regardless of the weather outside.

Ford Mustang with the SeaSucker Monkey Bars roof rack system

Initially, Steve was keen to explore a custom fabricated roof rack using SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts. Having said this, Steve also tried out the SeaSucker Monkey Bars. After discussing various mounting options we installed the front bar just behind the windscreen. As the SeaSucker Monkey Bars have adjustable mounting towers we positioned each tower to avoid the roof crease line. Similarly, we positioned the rear bar at the top of the rear window.

Upon installing the SeaSucker Monkey Bars Steve realized this would meet his needs. It also enabled him to use the same roof rack on his wife’s SUV. Furthermore, SeaSucker will release a bike holder kit for the Monkey Bars later this year. This is a bolt-on kit to transport one bike on the Monkey Bars.

Ford Mustang with the SeaSucker Monkey Bars roof rack system

Once installed we asked Steve to reverse his car to take a few photos. Whilst there is no such thing a good looking roof rack the low profile design and ease of installation make the SeaSucker Monkey Bars an easier option to live with.

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SeaSucker Monkey Bars Product Photo

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