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BMW M3 Sedan - The SeaSucker Mini Bomber

BMW M3 Sedan – The SeaSucker Mini Bomber

BMW M3 Sedan - The SeaSucker Mini BomberPendalis is a keen cyclist who contacted us looking a BMW M3 Sedan Bike Rack. He had also spoken with our good friends at Bastion Cycles. Pendalis needed to carry two road bikes on his BMW M3 Sedan with Quick-Release front wheels.

BMW M3 Sedan - The SeaSucker Mini BomberWe arranged a time to meet with Pendalis out our office in Cheltenham. Pendalis was concerned about our vacuum mounts being compatible with his carbon fibre roof. The good news is SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts will work on Carbon fibre, steel, aluminium, glass and fibreglass. We did encounter another issue to do with the crease lines in the roof. After positioning the SeaSucker Mini Bomber in various locations we identified a suitable location as shown in the photos. 

BMW M3 Sedan - The SeaSucker Mini BomberInstalling the SeaSucker Main Board where the roof meets the windscreen is an ideal location. As a result, this location provides the greatest roof line strength due to the crease lines in the roof. 

Shortly afterwards Pendlis sent us these photos. Thanks, Pendalis for sharing your experience. We also included Pendalis’s BMW M3 Sedan on our Mini Bomber – Sedan & Sports Cars Installs as an example of a roof set up.

Looking for a bike rack for your BMW M3 Sedan?

Please consider the SeaSucker Mini Bomber, available through our online store.

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