Porsche Cayman S 981 Bike Rack – Part 1

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Porsche Cayman S 981 Bike Rack - The SeaSucker Talon

Porsche Cayman S 981 Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Talon

Porsche Cayman S 981 Bike Rack - The SeaSucker TalonPeter is a recreational rider with various cycling groups in Adelaide. He rides approx. 600 km per month and needs to transport his bike to various events.  He also competes in Mountain Bike Orienteering and recently rode the whole Mawson Trail (MTB) 900km from Adelaide to Blinman.

Porsche Cayman S 981 Bike Rack - The SeaSucker TalonHaving come across SeaSucker Bike Racks Peter contacted us looking for the right solution for his Porsche Cayman S 981. After discussing his requirements we recommended the SeaSucker Talon 1-bike rack. As his road and mountain bikes both have quick-release front wheels the standard SeaSucker Talon is all that he needed. Peter also received the newly revised SeaSucker Talon with its black and white base, branding and revised vacuum pads and protective covers.

Porsche Cayman S 981 Bike Rack - The SeaSucker TalonSeveral weeks later, after completing a 50 km drive around Adelaide Peter sent us these photos. We noticed he set the bike rack forward to avoid making contact with the retractable spoiler. We gave Peter a call and recommended he rotate the SeaSucker Quick-Release Fork Mount 180 degrees. This should create enough space so he can locate the bike rack on the tail gate of his Porsche Cayman S 981 without fouling the retractable spoiler.

We will reveal the results of this change in Part 2 where Peter kindly sent us updated photos. The end result deserves its own posting.

Thanks Peter for your support and for providing the photos.

Looking for a bike rack for your Porsche Cayman S 981?

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2017 SeaSucker Talon Product Photo

Newly revised SeaSucker Talon

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