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Toyota Prius and SeaSucker Bomber Bike Rack

Toyota Prius Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Bomber

Karen and her 2016 Toyota Prius with a Full Glass Roof

Toyota Prius and SeaSucker Bomber Bike Rack

Karen is a keen recreational cyclist who uses her new Toyota Prius to transport enough bikes for her entire family. Having recently purchased the 2016 Toyota Prius it was a challenge finding a Toyota Prius Bike Rack for her car. She gave us a call and after taking a few measurements we were confident the SeaSucker Bomber would do the job.

Toyota Prius and SeaSucker Bomber Bike RackTwo days later she received her SeaSucker Bomber. After resolving an issue with one of the vacuum mounts Karen mounted the SeaSucker Bomber on the back window as an experiment. This would have been an ideal location. It would be the easiest location to mount and dismount bikes. The issue she found was a lack of ground clearance. She confirmed she had 120 mm of clearance between the back wheel and the ground. This clearance could be increased by rotating the fork mount 180 degrees. Having said this Karen felt it still may not be enough. The Toyota Prius lacks the ground clearance afforded with SUV’s which is the type of vehicle we would suggest using this mounting location.

Toyota Prius and SeaSucker Bomber Bike RackNext Karen tried mounting onto the glass roof. Even though there is a ridge that runs around the inside of the glass roof it did not cause any issues. She was able to mount the SeaSucker Bomber main board with ease. Now she can go riding with her kids after school and when she is finished it takes seconds to remove the bike rack. We agree that the combination of the Toyota Prius and the SeaSucker Bomber make the ultimate “Green Machine”

Thanks Karen for sharing your story with us.

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