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Ford Focus - The SeaSucker Bomber Bike Rack

Ford Focus Bike Rack – The Bomber

Nicholas and his Ford Focus

Ford Focus - The SeaSucker Bomber Bike RackNicholas is both a competitive cyclist and freelance cycling writer. He uses several vehicles when competing and also writing for leading cycling publications. Nicholas was looking for a Ford Focus Bike Rack. After seeking feedback from Team Avanti and their Toyota 86 he contacted the team at Gear Campus.

Ford Focus Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Bomber Solution

Ford Focus - The SeaSucker Bomber Bike Rack close upTo be honest we were pessimistic about the SeaSucker Bomber fitting on the roof of a Ford Focus. The SeaSucker Bomber requires at least 1,040 mm of unobstructed roof space. This includes any factory fitted roof mounting points. Nicholas paid us a visit at our new store in Cheltenham, Victoria eager to put it to the test. We pulled out a SeaSucker Bomber and commenced a trial install. To our surprise the SeaSucker Bomber easily fitted inside the factory roof mounting points. We also confirmed his bikes could fit without interfering with the roof aerial. Next we demonstrated how quick it is to install and remove a SeaSucker bike rack.

Ford Focus - The SeaSucker Bomber Bike Rack side viewNicholas quickly joined the army of SeaSucker bike rack fans. He finally had a solution that would work on all three cars and was easy to install and remove.



A week later Nicholas sent us an email with his feedback

“Still (pleasantly) surprised how easily the Bomber has fitted. And so quick mount. Very impressive. Will make trips ten times more easy.”

Buy the SeaSucker Bomber through our online store.

SeaSucker Bomber Bike RackLike our motto says!






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