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The key features of the SeaSucker Range of Rod Holders

3 Rod Holder with 114 mm Vacuum Mount

3 Rod Holder with 114 mm Vacuum Mount

Why choose a SeaSucker Rod Holder over the various other rod holders on the market? Fishing different locations and species of fish requires different tactics. This includes preparing your boat and fishing equipment. As an example, fishing for Snapper in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria requires a different setup compared to fishing for Snapper at Western Port, Victoria. Imagine having the ability to:

  • Add extra rod holders;
  • Move them around; and
  • Increase or decease the amount of rod storage space.
 All without drilling a single hole. That is one of the key feature of the SeaSucker range of Rod Holders. The video review below conducted by GAFF Magazine provides further detail.

Heavy Duty Trolling Unit

Heavy Duty Trolling Unit

Other features are:

  1. Strength – Increasing the strength of most of our rod holders is achieved by adding an extra Vacuum Mount and visa versa;
  2. Can be Customised – Most of our rod holders can be customised to suit your needs. This includes the number of rod holders and Vacuum Mounts;
  3. Any flat surface can be used – Our range of rod holders makes any vertical or horizontal surface  a rod-storage area; and
  4. A solution for every need – Do you need extra rod storage? Do you need to add a centreline to your trolling spread? Do you need extra storage for your gaff poles and fishing nets? We have a solution for these requirements and more.

In the coming weeks we will cover each solution in detail. Each solution will be represented as a sub menu option under the “Rod Holder” menu above.

As always if you have any queries or suggestions please feel free to fill out the “Contact Us” form.

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