Pallavicini Ski & Snowboard Rack

The Pallavicini Ski & Snowboard Rack

Be the first to experience SeaSucker’s brand new compact ski rack, The Pallavicini Ski & Snowboard Rack. Designed to be super compact with an overall width of just 455 mm. This makes it super easy to store inside your boot. Having said this, The Pallavicini Ski & Snowboard Rack has a lot of muscle, able to transport 2 sets of skis plus poles or 2 Snowboards.

The Pallavicini Ski & Snowboard Rack comes complete with 2 x HDPE carriers designed to transport two sets of skis and poles or 2 snowboards. To ensure your skis or snowboards are secured the kit also includes 2 sets of “Snap-In Place” retention cords plus 2 sets of Retention Cords to secure your ski poles. It’s also armed with 4 x 152 mm Vacuum Mounts each with 90 kg of direct pull strength. This ensures your skis or snowboards stay safe whilst driving to the snowfields.

The SeaSucker Pallavicini Ski Rack is now stock,