The SeaSucker Fisherman’s Cup Holder

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SeaSucker Fisherman's Cup Holder in boatThis is a truly multi-purpose, fishing friendly cup holder. It is an ideal companion for each person fishing on board your boat.

Imagine this cup holder mounted next to you when fishing. You will have easy access to your:

  1. Knife;
  2. Pliers;
  3. Artificial lures;
  4. Terminal tackle; and
  5. Your phone and keys (if fitted with the optional small dry box)

Fishing with the SeaSucker Fisherman’s Cup Holder is a breeze as your tools and tackle are within easy reach. Let’s take a closer look at the SeaSucker Fisherman’s Cup Holder in action.

As shown above, the key features are:

  1. Knife –  The slot on the right hand side will hold a knife;
  2. Pliers – the slot on the left hand side designed to hold pliers;
  3. Artificial Lures – The outer rim of the cup holder has a series of holes that will enable you to hang your artificial lures by the hook;
  4. Terminal Tackle – The centre cup is great for storing terminal tackle (i.e. swivels, hooks, sinkers, swivel clips etc….); and
  5. Mobile Phone and Car Keys – Check out our custom SeaSucker Fisherman’s Cup Holder below.

Note: One of the cup holders has a Drinx Insert installed (optional extra) to help keep your drink cool.

Our custom SeaSucker Fisherman’s Cup Holder fitted with a small dry box and Drinx Insert

SeaSucker Fisherman's Cup Holder in boat

The SeaSucker Fisherman’s Cup Holder uses the same removable cup holder design as the rest of our cup holders. Therefore you can easily remove one of the cup holders and insert a Small Dry Box (optional extra). This gives you the perfect place to store valuable items such as your mobile phone and car keys. Best of all the small dry box is watertight. We have also fitted a Drinx Insert (optional extra) to the remaining cup holder.

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