SeaSucker 2-Cup Holder Horizontal Mount

Buy online the SeaSucker 2-Cup Holder Horizontal Mount through our online store.

If you would prefer to mount your cup holder to a horizontal surface then this 2 cup holder is for you. shown below in our demo boat the SeaSucker 2-Cup holder Horizontal Mount sits on top of the helm area and is also fitted with a pair of DrinX Inserts (optional extra).

2 Cup Horizontal Mount at helm

SeaSucker 2 Cup Horizontal Mount at helm

2 Cup Holder Horizontal Mount

SeaSucker 2 Cup Holder Horizontal Mount

More than just a Cup Holder, It’s a personal storage revolution

SeaSucker Small Dry Box

SeaSucker Small Dry Box

Alternatively, you can remove one of the cup inserts and replace with a Small Dry Box. Use it to store your keys, wallet or smartphone. The Small Dry Box is also completely waterproof

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