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How to install a SeaSucker Bike Rack SeaSucker, LLC released a new video demonstrating how to install a SeaSucker Bike Rack. This video is a must-watch for anyone owning or thinking of buying a SeaSucker Bike Rack. Furthermore, it includes several very handy Pro Tips. And finally, the video demonstrates how SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts work.

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Introducing the new SeaSucker Video – American Made SeaSucker, LLC has released a new video showcasing how their bike racks are made. It’s called SeaSucker Video – American Made. Almost every single part is now made in-house in their new facility in Bradenton, Florida USA. Subsequently, the move to Bradenton, Florida enables them to invest

SeaSucker iPad / Galaxy Mount

SeaSucker iPad / Galaxy Mount Video This video demonstrates the versatility of the SeaSucker iPad / Galaxy Mount. SeaSucker also calls it the Naked Flex Mount. The same components can be used to mount a tablet, GoPro Camera, Bluetooth speakers and more. Furthermore, this product can be used in the car, boat, caravan or around the

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SeaSucker Commercial Episode 2 The theme of this SeaSucker Commercial is “SeaSucker racks are strong enough for the long haul.”

SeaSucker Vacuum Mounted Bike Racks Demonstration We often get asked just how powerful are our vacuum mounts? Most people confuse our vacuum mounts with suction cups. Hopefully this video demonstrates our vacuum mounted bike racks have nothing to do with suctions cups. There is no way you could do this using suction cups And of