SeaSucker Video – How to Install a SeaSucker Bike Rack

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How to install a SeaSucker Bike Rack

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SeaSucker, LLC released a new video demonstrating how to install a SeaSucker Bike Rack. This video is a must-watch for anyone owning or thinking of buying a SeaSucker Bike Rack. Furthermore, it includes several very handy Pro Tips. And finally, the video demonstrates how SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts work.

We also wrote a “Step by Step Guide on How to Install a SeaSucker Bike Rack”. This article explains the video in-depth and also details the popular mounting positions. Furthermore, it explains what to look for when choosing a mounting location on your car.

This video highlights why SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts are NOT suction cups. The key difference between the two is the in-built vacuum pump and the vacuum pad. Subsequently, with its ability to generate significant negative air pressure or vacuum, the vacuum mount is capable of holding higher levels of vacuum compared to a suction cup. For example, each 152 mm (or 6″) Vacuum Mount generates 90 kg (or 210 pounds) of direct pull strength

Pro Tips

The Pro Tips are applicable for all SeaSucker Bike Racks. The first Pro Tip is how to maximise the holding strength and time of each vacuum mount. Firstly, pump up each vacuum mount until the plunger fully retracts. Next, grab hold of the plunger and give it a quick pull followed by a pump or two. This maximises the holding strength and time of the vacuum mount.

Another great Pro Tip is how to quickly and easily adjust the fork mount to suit your bike. As a result, this method enables you to find the right tension to secure your bike by its forks

This is a MUST watch video on how to install a SeaSucker Bike Rack. It is applicable for anyone that currently owns or is thinking of purchasing a SeaSucker Bike Rack. Also, you can check out Our Customer’s Cars for more inspiration. Thanks to Austin Powers from SeaSucker. Enjoy!